Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been awhile!

Wow!  How things have been crazy busy!  It's been quite sometime since I've posted.  Looking back my last post was on Spring Break and boy oh boy have lots of things happened since then!

The semester ended on a great note with classes.  I got all A's in all my ECE classes and a C in Biology which I was thrilled about!  You know, those nasty Gen Eds that you have to take...well Science is by far one of my least favorite subjects so to pass with a C I was delighted by that! 

All my ECE projects went great and even got a 100% on one of them! WooHoo!!

As we move into summer lots of new and exciting things are happening!  I have just recently been hired as a new Lead Preschool Teacher at BCC EduCare Center in El Dorado, KS.  I am very thrilled about the opportunity.  This is something I have been working towards for quite sometime.  All the hard work, hard times, and fun times have been worth it to get to this point.  There have been times I didn't know if I really wanted to be in the Education field but then I think about the kids and those little moments of greatness that happen and know that at that point it is all worth all the other, pardon me, but crap that happens!

Now that I have my own classroom I hope to keep up with the postings a little better and do some weekly reflections from my classroom.

Thanks for reading!

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