Saturday, June 29, 2013

Camping in and out of the classroom

There is no way that it's already almost July!  Where did May and June go??  The summer is going way too fast and before we know will be starting again. 

The last few weeks in our classroom we have been studying the topic of camping.  With this comes soo many fun things to do.  We have had fun talking about our own personal camping trips and sharing stories and pictures.  There are some really cute stories the kiddos come up with. 

Some of the highlights so far from our unit have been...

S'more collages

the book "A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee" (this was a very popular favorite of the kids)
made jello ponds inside of an orange with gummy critters inside,
marshmallow painting
we made a graph asking 'When You Go Camping..." and the children had to choose do they stay in a tent or in a camper?
each child go to make their own 'mini-campfire' out of twigs they collected from the brush pile we had outside our center
Those were some of the highlights from the past couple of weeks as we have been studying 'camping.'

Inbetween all of that we have had other fun and exciting things happening such as field trips, and special days at our center.

We got to go to Summit Park one day, go see the cheerleaders on campus during their camp, tend to our garden, Literacy Groups, a visit from the sno cone truck, and plenty of water play days!

Other than all of these things going on, we have all the regular day-to-day things.  Wow!!  We have definitely been busy!

As we move into the new month we will continue our study of camping with a little interruption to celebrate the freedom of our country and a little study about patriotism and some fun 4th of July activities. 

I am looking forward to the holiday as I will be joining one of my greatest friends and her family for a camping trip to Fall River Lake!  WootWoot!

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far!  I know I have....but just can't seem to figure out where it has gone thus far.

Take Care - God Bless!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Church Camp and Field Trip

Another exciting, busy, exhausting week is under my belt!  I am one that loves to stay busy and sometimes boy do I stay busy!

This last week at school we had lots of fun finishing up our study on books.  During this study we learned lots of things about books like how books are made, author, illustrator, fiction, nonfiction, main character, and even made our own library cards to use at the EduCare library! 

On Tuesday of this last week we got to go on a field trip!  WooHoo!  We all LOVE field trips!  The preschool classes go to go and visit the Outdoor Education Center in El Dorado.  What a neat place!  They have all sorts of different types of trees, plants, and vegetables.  We were able to tour the grounds and even got to taste some of the fresh vegetables that were growing there!  It was such a treat to see the excitement when the kids got to pick the fresh vegetables right off the plant and eat them!  Here are some pictures from our trip. 

beautiful lilly pond on the property


We really had a great time and the kids were able to see the farm to table aspect of food.  What a neat experience for them! 

On Wednesday after work I headed off to church camp for the remainder of the week!  Our theme for the camp was 'All Things New!'  The focus was about creativity in a sense.  How God created us in His image and how majestic all the things are that he created on this earth.  For the camp I was in charge of the Art rotation.  I chose to do some more process oriented and self-directed activities to switch it up from the traditional camp art experience.  Who ever remembers what they ever made in art at camp?  Not me!

The kids go to rotate to different activities and make a Creation Collage, sculpt with clay, and get messy with shaving creme mixed with glue and then painted and then transfered to paper.  They really seemed to enjoy themselves and I had a great time seeing their creativity soar!  Here are a few pics from my 3 days at Church Camp.

this is a beautiful fountain in the front of the dining hall

 getting messy with the shaving creme/glue mixture!

The finished product from the shaving creme/glue/paint project!

molding with the clay!

It has been another busy week but when I sit down at the end of it all and reflect on the things that I was a part of.......I count everyday as a blessing!  God has blessed me with something truly amazing!  I have the opportunities to make an impression on the lives of our young people.  I know that I don't always probably make the best of impressions at times but I strive for the best always.  It's not always easy but always worth it in the end!

I am exhausted, tired, sleepy, yet ready for a new week!  This coming week we have another field trip and I have an observation at work for my summer practicum class.  I am not really nervous but more anxious as to what will happen during my observation.  I can always guarantee that the kiddos will pull through and give me opportunities to show my instructor how I am able to implement the things that we have learned.  I know it will be a great experience and I will have some great feedback in order to learn and make things even that much better. 

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Beginnings...

I am nearing the end of my first week as a Lead Teacher at EduCare.  What an exciting week it has been!  Those of you who are teachers know...that the beginning and the first week on the job is always a busy one.  I have gone through several lists a mile long and have been busy giving my new classroom the Mr. Brent touch.  Newsletters, lesson plans, lead teacher meetings, updating things, assessments, literacy program planning, cleaning out cabinets, planning field trips, meeting new children and their families, getting to know the assistant, going through files...and OF COURSE teaching have been things that I have been up to this week.  This is how it will always go from now on...but I love every minute of it!!

Here are some pictures of my classroom...
 These are our student hooks and cubbies.  This is where they can keep all of their precious belongings!

 This is our Art/Science/Discovery Area.  This is also where we eat our meals.

 This is our Housekeeping/Dramatic Play Area.  This has been a favorite this week!  Today the kiddos decided they were going on we have had kiddos from our class go on vacation this week and several more will go on vacation before the summer ends...and what a fun time they had!  It was really fun to just watch and observe their experiences in this area today!

 This is our classroom computer.

 This is our Math/Manipulative/Toys & Games Area.  This table is also used for lunch when needed.

 This is our Reading Area

 This is our Listening Center and Flannel Board Area

 This is our Block Area.  This is also where we have our Circle Time each day.

 This is the Teacher's Area.  After some cleaning and organizing this is what it looks like right now.  I tend to be a pretty organized person but who knows if it will stay this organized.  Cabinets are on either side and up above but they are already pretty full of extra toys and materials.  There is very little storage in each classroom.

 This is a picture of our calendar routine items. 

As I near the end of the week I have tried to take some time to reflect...on many different things...lots of observation of my new students has gone on so I reflect on that...noticing what each child likes, how they tend to act, and building those relationships. 

One day left this week and tomorrow I finish up some prep for next week.  I just spent the evening coloring broken egg shell pieces for an art activity next week.  Gotta write newsletter to go out Monday, go through more files, start planning for literacy program lessons, and figure out how assessments work at our center.  I also have a new employee orientation tomorrow which will interrupt a couple of hours of my day...but nothing I can do about that one! 

First week is almost under my belt...and...cross my far so good! 

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's been awhile!

Wow!  How things have been crazy busy!  It's been quite sometime since I've posted.  Looking back my last post was on Spring Break and boy oh boy have lots of things happened since then!

The semester ended on a great note with classes.  I got all A's in all my ECE classes and a C in Biology which I was thrilled about!  You know, those nasty Gen Eds that you have to take...well Science is by far one of my least favorite subjects so to pass with a C I was delighted by that! 

All my ECE projects went great and even got a 100% on one of them! WooHoo!!

As we move into summer lots of new and exciting things are happening!  I have just recently been hired as a new Lead Preschool Teacher at BCC EduCare Center in El Dorado, KS.  I am very thrilled about the opportunity.  This is something I have been working towards for quite sometime.  All the hard work, hard times, and fun times have been worth it to get to this point.  There have been times I didn't know if I really wanted to be in the Education field but then I think about the kids and those little moments of greatness that happen and know that at that point it is all worth all the other, pardon me, but crap that happens!

Now that I have my own classroom I hope to keep up with the postings a little better and do some weekly reflections from my classroom.

Thanks for reading!