Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hard to believe another month has come and gone. Since we've been back in session after winter break things have been non stop! 

Shortly after te first of the year I started a second job with the YMCA as a director for the School Age Child Care Latchkey program in my community. Because preschool is what I do on a daily basis and is definitely what I enjoy and wht I'm comfortable with....the thought of school age was slightly terrifying but the opportunity was something that I couldn't pass up. It was for me a decision that was made on a professional level of thinking. The experience I would gain as being a "director" of a program was something that I knew would serve me well in the future. Also the extra money is always a plus!!

So as I said, going in to this I wasn't all that sure, but thought....I teach preschool...I can surely handle these school age kiddos! The experience has been great! I have really enjoyed getting to know the kids and their parents! It has also been fun introducing some of them (some of then are familiar with the approach) to the Early Childhood way! What I mean by that is that while the majority of the program is based on physical development, I also wanted to add in my hands-on, messy, fun, and engaging approach. 

I will never forget the first day I pulled out the paint...we got it all set up...each child had thier paint, paper, brushes...and they just sat there. One kid finally spoke up and said "what do we paint?"  At first I was shocked and then though to myself...they don't get this in school. After I let them know that they could paint whatever they wanted thier imaginations went wild!!! It has been very fun watching them create different thins and some of them are very creative and artistic!! 

So, other than the Y program I have since started classes for the semester and continue to enjoy each day (we all know there are those days!) my little friends in Green 1B. As we lead into Valentine's Day we have used this time to focus on being kind to one another, doing kind things for others, building and maintaining friendships and what it means to be a friend, and the concept of love! 

I am also going to make an effort to spend time at the end of each week posting (I can do it straight from my phone for heaven's sake!) and reflecting I my week! I'd also like to share highlights from the activities and things we do in our classroom and share any fun tips I have! 

If you know other early educators that would be interested in following my page please share with them! Leave me a comment or feedback as well...I'd love to know that people actually read this! 

Here's to a great week ahead of us!!