Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun day out!

I was very thankful to have a day out of my small apartment. With two snow days and being cooped up in my small apartment I was starting to go a little crazy! So today I was thankful to get outta the house with my sister and nephew.

My little nephew is three and soo precious! He tried to put a pair of his daddies undies on like a shirt and watching him try and figure out how to get them on over his head and through his arms was quite hilarious and very interesting! It showed the persistence that he wasn't going to stop until he figured it out!

We had a fun day in Emporia shopping an while at dinner my nephew told the waitress that it was his mommy's birthday (on Tuesday) so that was fun. You know the singing and the whole nine yards. He also enjoyed the dessert mommy got!

Attached are a few pictures from the day.