Thursday, February 21, 2013

First post!

I have decided to start a blog...just out of curiosity basically...and something I've been wanting to I figured with a few snow days to play around and start I would have some time to get it all figured out.

I have titled this blog "My Journey in Early Childhood Education" because that is what my life is right now, and hopefully will be the journey of my life.  I am currently an Early Childhood educator and student.  I am currently studying Early Childhood Education at Butler Community College and working as a student assistant at EduCare childcare center on the Butler campus.  Early Childhood Education has become a passion of mine within the last few years. 

I have always had a passion for education and wanted to be a teacher but the specifics of that have changed over the years.  When I graduated high school in 2006 I was set on becoming an Elementary Music teacher.  After studying music for 2 1/2 years I decided that music wasn't the right path for me.  I moved back home and began subbing at the elementary school in my community.  There I realized that I still did want to teach but that being an elementary teacher I could make just as much of a difference in the lives of students as I could have teaching music.  From there I got a temporary job in the Head Start program and that is when I found that where my passion lied was in Early Childhood.  I worked as an Assistant Teacher there for a while and then moved to working in the elementary school as a para, and I always knew that ECE was still what I wanted to do.  I worked as a para for 3 years and then at the beginning of this school year I went back to Head Start as an Assistant Teacher.  I also decided to go back to school in the Fall of 2012 to pursue my passion and work towards an Associates in Early Childhood Education.  Most recently I have moved from Head Start to working as a student assistant at EduCare center on the Butler campus where I go to school full-time.

Whew!  That brings you up to speed very quickly on my journey thus far.  I guess I could tell you some other things about me and what I spend my 'spare' time doing (haha I'm surprised I even know what spare time is).  For the past 5 years I have been very involved in the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Greenwood County (which is where I live).  This is a community event that helps raise money for cancer patients and ground breaking cancer research.  I was the Event Chair of this event for 4 years and most recently have stepped down from that role and serve on the planning committee.  I am also very involved in my church.  I take on many roles within my church including working with the children, assisting in worship, directing the bell choir, and many other things.  I also teach piano lessons.  I have been doing this for about 2 years now and it is such a blessing.  Besides all of those things I love to make sure that I spend quality time with my family and friends.

I will wrap this up-more to come!


  1. Great job!!! I didnt know you had a love for music too. I will remember not to sing in front of you and hurt your I may need you to hook me up with some piano lessons for my Emily when things calm down some for us :-)

  2. Haha yeah that usually seems to be something that I don't come out with upfront...and you will not hurt my ears I'm sure. Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope to be able to share some of the fun things we do in ECE and why it is so important!